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Private Sessions

Jump-start your health and wellness transformation by booking a private consultation & treatment today!  Here is what every private session includes:

  • Private treatment room with undivided, one-on-one attention
  • Comprehensive, detailed evaluation and treatment plan
  • Basic vitals: blood pressure, pulse rate, oxygen level
  • Review of your CBC bloodwork panel
  • Nutrition & lifestyle recommendations
  • Complementary add-on modalities, including cold laser therapy, cupping, gua sha, e-stim, topical liniments and ear seeds 
  • Herbal medicine recommendations
  • Free access to Jing self-care smartphone app with personalized recommendations (a $5.99/month value)
    • Includes acupressure points, qigong exercises, guided meditation, dietary advice & recipes
  • Complementary aromatherapy of your choice
  • Comfortable treatment table with a jade & tourmaline infrared bio mat
    • Polished jade stones transfer far infrared heat which provides relaxation and pain relief while increasing circulation
    • Polished tourmaline stones give negative ions to promote balance in the body and boosts your vital Qi (energy)

Menu of Private Session Services

  • Initial Private Consult + Acupuncture Treatment (90 mins), $150
  • Private Consult Only (30 mins), $50
  • B12 Energy Boost Injection, $15 introductory price
  • Private Acupuncture Treatment (60 mins), $90
  • Series of Treatments (please inquire about discounted package pricing)
  • Extra Session Time, $20 per 15 minutes
FIRE CUPPING or GUA SHA Cupping Therapy or Gua Sha Scraping Therapy (30 mins), $40 QUICK TREATMENT PROTOCOLS (45 mins), $75 A consultation is required before beginning protocol treatment. These are standard protocols and may include acupuncture, press-needles, ASP needles and ear seeds:
  • Smoking Cessation
  • NADA Detox
  • Battlefield (for PTSD)
  • Bio Light Therapy (Improves collagen production by 200%), +$20 for 25-minute session
    • Three 25-minute sessions, $45
  • Genuine Swarovski® Crystal and 24k Gold or Stainless Steel “Invisible” Ear Seeds, +$5
LAB TESTING Mosaic Diagnostics is a world leader in providing diagnostic testing for metabolic, mitochondrial, and environmental factors in chronic illnesses. Please contact me for details! PEDIATRIC PATIENTS (age 1-17) Established pediatric patients may receive non-needle treatments that may include AcuLaser, Cupping, Moxa, Press-Needles or Tui Na (60 mins), $80 NUTRACEUTICAL INJECTION THERAPY
  • B12 Energy Boost $20
  • B Complex $20
  • B12 and B Complex Combination: $30 (a $10 savings)
  • Lipo-Plus “Fat Burner” $20
    • contains vitamin B6 and three lipotropic enzymes (methionine, inositol & choline)
Weight Loss Injection Package: 6 injections of Lipo-Plus and B12 combo, $180 (a $60 savings) HOMEOPATHIC INJECTION THERAPY
  • Traumeel (Pain Relief) $40 ($20 limited time discount)
  • Engystol (Immune Boost) $25
  • Lymph Detox $25
Customized homeopathic injections and DesBio detox protocols are available. EAR SEEDS
  • AcuPoint Detection with Plain Ear Seeds Treatment, $25
  • Upgrade with Swarovski® Crystal Ear Seeds & “Invisible” 24K Gold or Stainless Steel Ear Seeds, +$5
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