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Community Style Acupuncture

community acupunctureWhat is community style acupuncture?

It’s almost the same as a normal acupuncture session, except the patients are seated in comfortable chairs or recliners inside a shared room and treated at a reduced rate. The acupuncturist gathers information such as your chief complaint and general health, examines your pulse and tongue to properly diagnose your underlying pattern of disharmony, and would select points to needle. These are mostly distal points on the arms and legs, as well as auricular (ear) points. It’s best for the patient to wear loose fitting clothing that allows for access to the elbows and knees.

Whether due to time or financial constraints, this way of treating patients is a great resource for many people in the community who have busy lives or may not otherwise be able to afford regular priced acupuncture treatments.

I am pleased to announce that I am providing community style acupuncture at Vibrant Wellbeing Center on select days and times of the week. This service is offered based on a sliding scale, depending on what the patient is able to pay.

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